“Keep looking, men. Dig deeper!”

Several months back, I made a point to start recording all the strange, funny and/or atrociously spelled search terms that have led folks the world wide web round to this site. Now, with a sufficient harvest, I get to share some of the more interesting ones with you guys and gals.

I can’t take credit for the idea to do this, as I am merely following in the footsteps of some bloggers before me (namely Tyler Stanton and Dave Carroll.) The offerings that follow don’t hold a candle to some of theirs (I mean, “freakishly long second toe”? “fundamentalist barbie”? “male sock worship”? I can’t pretend to compete with that.) Here’s a wee sample, nevertheless.

Note: All terms have been left exactly as they were. No alterations to grammar, spelling, etc., have been made.

“greg maddux fat”: HE IS NOT FAT, HE’S JUST BIG BONED!!!

“ryan dempster no hitter”: Could this have been Googled from the future???

“mlb cookies”: Mmm…. cookies!

“lovable lincecum” / “tim lincecum hugs”: What is it about this guy?

“cc sabathia coloring pictures”: If these existed, this blog would definitely be the place to look. Maybe they do exist and I just don’t know about it. Maybe I should start creating baseball coloring pages of my own! Hmm…

“moldy bread”: Nope. No moldy bread here. I have a strong aversion to mold… a very strong aversion.

“where did tim lincecum get his middle name”: My best guess? His parents were excessively fond of the kiddie tune ‘Leroy Lazy Duck, likes to sleep all day.’

“does mark derosa get a woldseares ring”: If you ask me, finding the answer to this question is the least of this person’s problems.

“why little league teams are good”: One part dedication, one part teamwork, three parts believing in themselves.

“ryan howard eating”: That’s just gross.

“mike fontenots facial hair”: So is that.

“tyler colvin’s sister” / “siblings of ted lilly”: Yes, everyone… it’s true. Tyler Colvin and Ted Lilly are my long-lost secret brothers. Miracle of miracles!

“black man looking up”: ???

“how to make origami oodles”: I don’t know what an oodle is, but now I really want to know how to make one out of origami. Would also like to eat one.

“rubbish filth slime muck”: Sounds about right.

“dynamite pole vaulting”: Uh-oh! Looks like someone found out my secret hobbie!

“manly christian tattoos”: My personal favorite.


2 thoughts on ““Keep looking, men. Dig deeper!”

  1. HAHA!!! Wow! I love it! Those are so funny! I read some of them to my sister, and she laughed. 🙂 I think my favorite is the dynamite pole vaulting. (And I did not know that was your secret hobby…you learn something new every day 😉 )

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