Poll(s): Prospects & Pettitte

Happy Friday, world! It’s time for another batch of polls here at the FBB. This might become a thing on Fridays.

Spring training, as I expect you are aware, is looming. Not only does this mean the return of our big league boys, but it offers a little glimpse into the crystal ball as well. Spring training is a great time to get acquainted with a host of prospects and non-roster invitees. With that in mind, here is poll #1.


And, in honor of the retirement of Mr. Andy Pettitte (a man I hold in high regard), poll #2.


Thanks for voting and have great weekends, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Poll(s): Prospects & Pettitte

  1. As much as I love Andy, his numbers fall short of the Hall. Plus the HGH stuff has likely damaged any shot he had at getting in. He just will have to live with being one of the best Yankee pitchers of all time and 5 WS rings; not too shabby of a legacy.

  2. I concur with Aaron. Pettitte was a very good pitcher, but seldom a great pitcher. A few rings and $125M will have to be enough.

    Especially with Maddux, Pedro, Clemens, Randy Johnson, Glavine, Smoltz, and Schilling likely to get in before Pettitte makes it to the ballot, he doesn’t stand much of a chance.

  3. Pete I am glad that you added that thought because I will now be able to enjoy your blog, lol. Although I respect the SABR/stat community, it can be a little much. Thanx for the laughs and will look forwardyo more posts!

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