The Farm Boy Files: Trey McNutt

Welcome to another edition of the Farm Boy Files! Today’s subject is the Cubs’ numero uno pitching prospect, Trey McNutt.

Basic Info

Full Name: Kenneth Trey McNutt



Born 8/02/89 in Haleyville, Alabama

Drafted by the Cubs in the 32nd round in 2009.


Between 3 levels (low-A Peoria, high-A Daytona, and AA Tennessee) in 2010, Trey went 10-1 with a 2.48 ERA through 116.1 innings. He struck out 132 batters and walked just 32 and compiled a WHIP of 1.11. Not bad for a 20-yr.-old 32nd round draft pick.

Scouting Report

Baseball America released its Top 100 MLB Prospects list for 2011 yesterday. They listed Trey at #48, with a projected major league debut of 2012. He has progressed through the minors speedily thus far, which is usually a good sign. Vineline Magazine described him as big, strong, and durable. He is said to feature three plus pitches, a sinker, slider and change-up. Trey’s fastball is consistently in the 92-94 MPH range, with a roof of 97-98. To top it off, he has very good control. I heard him described as a “precision” pitcher. I like that word, precision. And when coupled with “pitcher”… well, that’s twice as nice.

Cinderella Story

You probably want to smack me by now for dwelling on the fact that Mr. McNutt was not drafted until the 32nd round. I can’t help it. I have a burning passion for underdog stories. And 32nd-round-pick to #1 pitching prospect is a doozy of an underdog story. This story from Comcast Sports Chicago, posted yesterday, elaborates on Trey’s baseball journey.

Random Facts

According to this interview, Trey has a Cubs plate on his pickup truck (nice, kid). He enjoys playing golf, shooting things, and going to the beach. He doesn’t burn easily, but he puts on sunscreen anyway. Very good.


I was hoping the internet might yield a cool video or two of Trey pitching. All I could find, however, was this. It shows Trey and fellow-prospect Su Min Jung volunteering at a food-bank in Boise. I really can’t tell what they’re actually doing...


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