Wildcard Wednesday: “Well, I’m just bubbly with excitement.”

I’m not one to rejoice in the misfortunes of others, but I must admit that the injuries to Adam Wainwright (and possibly Chris Carpenter) have given me cause for excitement. And it’s not because they’re Cardinals. I promise.

I found two articles online yesterday which suggest that the opening(s) in the St. Louis rotation may open a spot for Brandon “Cotton” Dickson (AKA, the only favorite Cardinal I will ever have.) Cotton was a New Market Rebel in 2006. It was a fantastical, memorable year and Cotton was infallible as our closer. He established a franchise record for saves and sported an ERA under 1.00. We were all thrilled when he signed as a non-drafted free agent just a few weeks after the VBL season ended, even if it was with the Cardinals. We have eagerly tracked his progress through the minors ever since then and I can’t help but be thrilled that he’ll have a chance to make it to the show this season. Go Cotton!

The famous 2006 New Market Rebels bullpen… Cotton is the farthest to the left.

Here is a link to the first article. And here’s one to the second.

Also, I thought I’d just leave you with a little collage I whipped up. I call it, The Many Faces of Matt Garza.


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