Notes from the Vault: “Thank you for the coffee and the memories.”

I feel like whenever I write a post spur-of-the-moment like I did yesterday, it becomes obsolete within an hour of my publishing it. That’s why I prefer composing things like what follows, that have nothing to do with what is going on right now.

Back in 2006, I listened to Pat and Ron call every Cubs game on WGN radio, via’s gameday audio. To keep myself occupied while I listened, I would usually take a blank sheet and cover it from one end to the other with writings and doodles as the game played out. Thus were lazy summer afternoons passed that year.

Now 2006 was, of course, a truly dreadful year for the Cubs. This didn’t wear on me, I don’t think, as it did a lot of other fans. I was pretty content and happy in my baseball fandom, thanks mostly to evenings spent down the street at Rebel Park watching my beloved hometown team play. As long as one or the other of my favorite teams is having a good year, I find that I can stomach the other tolerably. Given that the ’06 New Market Rebels were one of the very best squads I have ever had the pleasure of supporting (at any level), I wasn’t so much wounded by the mess that was the ’06 Cubs.

Nevertheless, I did listen intently to all of those games, and they inspired some interesting notes and scribblings. I still have most of them (coughpackratcough) and looking over them five years later is both amusing and enlightening. As sad a season as it was, I found great enjoyment in the exiguous number of good games that there were and cheered on my favorites (Michael Barret, Todd Walker, Matt Murton) with fervor.

It is funny to consider the random, scribbled out thoughts on players who were nobodies then (Carlos Marmol, Geovany Soto, Sean Marshall), the players who were supposed to be somebodies (Rich Hill, Felix Pie), and the players whose existences I’d forgotten about completely (Les Walrond, Freddie Bynum, Scott Williamson). The fluctuation that takes place on a major league team in just five years is remarkable.

I was exceedingly fond of calling players by pet names, and also of using their middle names. I rejoiced in the little things, because little things were all there were. To be honest, I am somewhat proud of myself for having such a positive attitude.

Doodle papers are a thing of the past now. I can see the games now, with MLBtv, and my thoughts (whether serious or silly) are expressed not on paper, but on Twitter, or here at the FBB. I am satisfied with the way things are, but am glad that I had no MLBtv or Twitter five years ago. I like having this sliver of the past preserved on paper… even if all the memories aren’t pleasant. They’re still worth remembering.

This is a full sheet of doodles from a Sunday game against the White Sox, Carlos Zambrano vs. Mark Buehrle. The Cubs prevailed, with a final score of 15-11.


One thought on “Notes from the Vault: “Thank you for the coffee and the memories.”

  1. I love the doodles! I found it was quite interesting that you wrote “BOOOOO Pierzinski” twice. Haha. It is so fascinating how prospects that were so hyped about you sometimes don’t even hear about now! And might I add, hurray for the underdogs! 🙂

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