The Farm Boy Files: Tony Campana

It’s time for another exciting edition of The Farm Boy Files! Today we take a closer look at outfield prospect Tony Campana…

  Basic Info

Full Name: Anthony Campana

Born May 30th, 1986 in Springboro, Ohio

H/W: 5’8”, 160

B/T: L/L


Tony spent 2010 with the AA Tennessee Smokies. He batted .319 in 131 games with an OPS of .763 and scored 76 runs while driving in 39. He hit zero home runs, but had 5 triples, and stole 48 sacks. This year, Tony has advanced to AAA Iowa where he is batting .346/.384/.469 in 20 games so far. He has scored 16 runs and stolen 4 bases.


Tony was a mid- and post-season all star for the Smokies last season. He was also named the Southern League’s “Best Hustler”(Personally, I think the award for that should be a trophy of Paul Newman with a pool cue.)

Scouting Report

Speed is the name of Tony Campana’s game. Vineline magazine calls him “a terror” when he bunts. I like to bunt any time I can,” Tony himself says. “Two strikes, it doesn’t matter. I feel comfortable in any situation.” He has been clocked at 4.35 in the 40-yard dash, 3.6 to first base on a batted ball, and 3.3 to first on a bunt.

Recognizing the source of his livelihood, Tony takes very good care of his tootsies. “…I don’t try to go out and do too much [after games]; otherwise they’ll be tired the next day,” he says. “I don’t wear flip-flops or anything. I usually wear tennis shoes just because they’re better for your feet.” When I read this statement, for some reason, I was reminded of the episode of Seinfeld where George becomes a hand model…

Minor league coach Buddy Bailey had this to say of young Mr. Campana: “He makes a lot of things happen, not only his stolen bases. He gets us some pitchouts, diverts the pitcher’s and catcher’s attention, gets guys more fastballs, has shown the ability to steal second and third, and we have some guys here that have been fortunate to have him on third when they’ve hit some very weak fly balls that have turned into sac flies that got them RBIs and saved them at-bats.”

As a diminutive fellow, Tony has had to battle and prove himself at every level. “Nothing is ever going to come easy for me, so I have to work my way [to the top.]”

In case you were wondering…

Tony Campana is also the name of a plumber from Vineland, New Jersey.

You should also know that…

As a child, Tony battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was diagnosed at the age of seven and wasn’t proclaimed to be cured until he was 18. Baseball seems like small potatoes when you take stuff like this into consideration.


2 thoughts on “The Farm Boy Files: Tony Campana

  1. mile quade is sooooo stupied has the fastest guy in baseball sitting on the bench , here’s a guy that makes things happen everytime he gets on base no wonder the cubs are losers keep playing pop up soriano he’s old slow and not bat at all 15 million he has to be laughing all the way to the bank.

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