Wildcard Wednesday: “Minnesota, hail to thee!”

THIS DAY IN HISTORY TIME! You may have  deduced it already, but I really enjoy doing this…

-Composer Irving Berlin (1888), choreographer Martha Graham (1894), Tigers HoF second baseman Charlie Gehringer (1903), artist Salvador Dali (1904), fashion designer Valentino (1934), and pitcher Milt Pappas (1939) were all born on this day.

-John D. Rockefeller Jr. (1960), and Bob Marley (1981) both died on this day.

-The first hospital in the United States was founded (1751)

-Minnesota was admitted as the 32nd U.S. state. Whoo, Minnesota!!! (1858)

-George “Charmer” Zettlein pitched baseball’s first 9-inning shutout (1875)

-Washington Senators catcher Charlie Farrell threw out 8 attempted base stealers  (1897)

-Montana’s Glacier National Park was formed (1910)

-Robert Frost was awarded the Pulitzer Prize (1924)

-The first Polaroid camera was sold in New York City for $89.95 (1949)

-“Puff The Magic Dragon” hit #2 on the charts (1963)

-Sandy Koufax pitched his second no-hitter to defeat the Giants ((1963)

-Cleveland’s Steve Dunning became the last American League pitcher to hit a grand slam (1971)

-At 39, Pete Rose stole 2nd, 3rd, and home in one inning for the Phillies (1980)

-Florida’s Al Leiter no-hit the Colorado Rockies (1996)


And while we’re at it, lets take a gander at some photos of cool goings-on from this past week.

Golf-ball sized hail delayed the match-up between the Twins and Tigers in Minnesota yesterday. You know what’s really awesome? I gave this post its title (which is the opening line from Minnesota’s state song) before I found this photo.

Justin Verlander and an innocent reporter get showered following his no-hitter on Saturday.

The Cubs didn’t have the best week, but this, you must admit, was still a sweet sight. And we saw it several times.

Mr. Darwin Barney rocks out his 1944-style throw-back uniform in Los Angeles. How awesome were these?

Sean Marshall shows off some sweet sleevage.

Happy victory huddle following an unexpected walk-off win against Cincinnati.

Alfonso Soriano’s Mother’s Day footwear was epic.


3 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday: “Minnesota, hail to thee!”

  1. Pour soaking wet pitcher…the look on his face is priceless! I loved the throwbacks the Cubs wore…very great! 🙂 I also couldn’t get over Soriano’s shoes…I kept saying, “His shoes are pink!”

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