The Darwin Barney Initiative, Part Two

My proposal  last week of a campaign to solicit mass numbers of write-in votes for Darwin Barney in this year’s All Star election was not in jest. I am stone cold serious. I’m willing to put the nickname thing on a back burner, but we need to make the All Star thing happen. Not only is it an opportunity to do right by the Cubs deserving second baseman, it is a chance to show Major League Baseball that its fans (some of us, anyway) actually have brains.  It’s a chance to stand up against everything that is wrong with MLB today… not only the imbecilic All Star selection process, but Tim McCarver and Joe Buck! Uneven divisions! November World Series games! Perhaps we can’t change all (or any) of these things in one fell swoop, but we can take a baby step.

And so, I ask most humbly for you to join me in this crusade for Darwin Barney. I’m asking not just Cubs fans, but all intelligent and forward-thinking baseball fans… nay, any fan of pride, and of justice, and of truth! We might not actually get Darney a trip to Arizona this July, but if we work together we CAN make him a contender. We CAN make our voices heard.

I have taken the liberty of creating a few “campaign posters.” If folks could find it in their hearts to help spread the word by creating some similar graphics, or by borrowing some of these, it would be tremendous. As a blogger, I rarely feel the urge to solicit favors from my peers, but this is an exception. Please circulate word of the Darwin Barney Initiative judiciously!


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