Let’s review the 2011 MLB first-year-player draft, shall we?

If you have been reading this blog for any great period of time, you already know my feelings on the MLB draft. If you’re a newbie, I’ll just tell you: I love it. It is a time of great enjoyment and excitement in my house.

When I am tracking the draft (and I’m an expert tracker) there are two sorts of names I listen for. First off, the funny names; the guys who will end up on MiLB’s annual “Moniker Madness” bracket. There are usually a handful of gems in this category. Second, I listen to hear familiar names. Sometimes this means the son of some former major leaguer, sometimes it means the name of a guy I know. The latter is my number one reason for paying the MLB draft close attention. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

My draft recap, I will warn you now, consists of little more than the names that fit into the categories mentioned above. I have no intelligent analysis to offer, so if that is what you are looking for, best mosey on.

The All Important Names!

Alliterations galore!: Granden Goetzman. Leonardo Linsky. Cavan Cohoes. Cody Kukuk.

Rhyme Time: Blake Drake.

*Yawn*: Common sounding names were, well… really common. There were boatloads of guys with names like “Brian Johnson.” I feel like there were more of these than usual. Also, there were like 10 guys with the last name “Barnes” and two different players by the name of “John Leonard.” I wonder how disappointed John Leonard #2 was when John Leonard #1 was first called and he found out it wasn’t him.

Born to play baseball: Travis Pitcher. And, yes, he IS a pitcher. I was really disappointed last year when there was a guy named “Strike” and he was a position player.

Mr. Dickens, I’d like you to meet…: Roderick Shoulders. Eldred Barnett. Hawtin Buchanan. Trent Higginbotham.

One of a kind: Justice French. Arby Fields. Keegan Linza. Erwin Real. Kewby Meyer. Guido Knudson.

Tee Hee!: Troy Snitkers. Stephen Lumpkins. Aaron Bummer.

And my top two: Cy Sneed! sounds like he would be a sneaky, possibly villainous pitcher. Joseph Pankake! I don’t know if this is actually pronounced the same as “pancake,” but you have to admit that it is an awesome name either way. I like it even better than Mark Hamburger, or whatever that dude’s name is.


Dante Bichette Jr.

Shawon Dunston Jr.

Trevor Gretzky (yes, THAT Gretzky.)

Ryan Garvey, son of Steve.

Colin Kaline, grandson of Al.

Matt Scioscia, son of Mike.

And most interestingly, to me, there was Kyle Gaedel, grand-nephew of Eddie. I hope that Kyle is a little taller than his famous great uncle…

And, finally, my most heartfelt congratulations to the following New Market Rebels alumni:

Catcher Joe Maloney (2010), 10th round pick of the Texas Rangers.

LHP Garrett Baker (2009), 11th round pick of the LA Angels.

Infielder Trey Karlen (2010), 33rd round pick of the Washington Nationals. If there were a major league for merry-making, Trey would already be an all-star there.

RHP Eric Alessio (2009), 49th round pick of the Cincinnati Reds.

Way to go, all!


One thought on “Let’s review the 2011 MLB first-year-player draft, shall we?

  1. What fun names! I love that you come up with things like this. 🙂 And I love Mr. Pankake’s name, whether or not that’s how it’s pronounced! Fun for you all with the Rebels too!

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