“The Yankees is comin’!”

“Are you hinting, Mr. Butler, that the Yankees can lick us?”

“I’m saying very plainly that the Yankees are better equipped than we.”


The Yankees IS coming, and they is coming to Wrigley Field. To honor the occasion, I have drawn up (what else?) a list. The hype surrounding this series is somewhat silly, and I have attempted to ignore it. Here you are.

(Five) Ways To Look At The Cubs-Yankees Series:

  1. A match-up for the AGES: 2 popular and historically rich teams + 1 historic, beloved ballpark = must-see TV! I am fairly certain only FOX, ESPN and the like see it this way. Mercifully, they will have less to babble about without Derek Jeter and a certain impending milestone.
  2. A match-up to inspire much salivation and licking of chops: The Yankees are currently 1.5 games back of the Red Sox in the AL East standings. This series is basically a golden opportunity on a silver platter floating down from heaven on a platinum-lined cloud for them, if they’re looking to get back on top. And, of course, they are.
  3. Something else to whine about: Irritable Cubs fans, the ones who love to hate on everything and everyone, will savor this chance to hate on one of the most generally hated franchises in sports.
  4. OMG, Squirrel at Wrigley!!!1!!: OK, so this one is just me. It is my ultimate baseball dream to see a former New Market Rebel become a Cub. Until this dream is fulfilled, I am forced to content myself by being excited when one graces the Friendly Confines as a visiting player. On a side note, I just realized the irony of the fact that Mr. Gardner has worn the uniform of both the Rebels and the Yankees. Civil War irony!
  5. * Yawn *: To the average weather-worn Cubs fan, this ain’t much more than another series likely to be lost in yet another lost season. Sigh.

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