“Keepin’ it real is hard when you’re cursed with cuteness.”

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that my favorite part of the whole home run derby thing is always seeing the guys on the sidelines with their adorable children. I have taken the liberty of collecting a few photos of the event to share.

OK, OK… so this one is actually from 2008, but the cuteness factor is so high, I  am forced to include it.

It looks like Adrian Beltre brought his entire brood. Giving Mom a night off? That’s sweet.

It was nice to see so many guys had brought their little girls (no, I’m not talking about Tim Lincecum.) Matt Cain’s is just precious.

Jon Lester and his little lady. Something about men with babies just turns me into a total girl.

Big Papi and Little Papi.

Big Panda & Little Panda.

Hide the children! It’s Lord Licorice, certainly up to no good!

This one belongs to Asdrubal Cabrera. You can just tell he was having a good time, can’t you?

Michael Cuddyer and son.

No cuteness here, but a whole lotta coolness.

Derby champ Robinson Cano and his parents. I can hardly believe that that is his mom. Did she have him when she was 8?

I love this one. Chris Perez’s baby had evidently entered the “I am going to gum everything in my reach” stage.


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