Wildcard Wednesday: Happy Bastille Day Eve!

Welcome to another edition of Wildcard Wednesday. I’d give you a proper recap of yesterday’s MLB All Star game, only I didn’t get to watch it. I heard that Darlin’ Starlin stole 2 bases, got thrown out at the plate, and made an error. I’m pretty sure he looked adorable all the while, and that’s all that really matters when you’re 21 and in your first midsummer classic.

I love the semi-awkwardness that never ceases to arise between players on All Star teams who are usually rivals. “Yay! We win! Should we hug? No? Let’s just high five. Or low five? Er… let’s just move on.”

The lone Cubbie.

Prince Fielder and his MVP award, and his kids, and their hair.


Yahoo’s Big League Stew featured two delightful posts yesterday that I think warrant circulating. You know how I love pictures of Major Leaguers when they were younger? Here is a collection of high school photos from a smattering of All Stars.  Priceless.

Awhile back, I posted an excerpt from Bill James’ New Historical Baseball Extract called “The Secret Scorer” about the Cubs female official scorer in the late 1800’s. BLS has a much more detailed version of the story, and it is fascinating.  I highly recommend checking it out!


And what would Wildcard Wednesday be without a little this-day-in-history?

-Harrison Ford (1942) and Rubik’s cube inventor Erno Rubik (1944) were born.

-The first night All Star game was played at Shibe Park in Philadelphia (1943)

-French revolution writer Jean Paul Marat was murdered by Charlotte Corday (1793)

-Babe Ruth hit homer #700 against Detroit (1934)

Of course, tomorrow is Bastille Day. I hope everyone has a good one.


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