“Hey, check it out… puppies!”

Most baseball bloggers, at this point in the year, are talking about the state of their team, or who should be traded and whatnot. I tried that. It wasn’t so much fun. So here are a bunch of random photos I scrounged up featuring baseball players and various furry critters. Cuteness…. this is much more my style.


Timmy Lincecum shares a smooch with his French Bulldog, Cy.

Mr. and Mrs. Chase Utley with some puppies.

Brad Penny visits with some St. Bernards (at least I assume that’s what they are.)

OK. So this is a little bit scary. But you have to give Tony LaRussa props for his charitable efforts.

The Astros, apparently, have done a lot of pet calendars for charity. Which is cool, but I don’t like not knowing if this is really Craig Biggio’s dog, or if it is just some random pooch that they borrowed for a photo shoot.

I’m not sure who this random Astro is, but I love this picture. It makes me think of this.

Click here to see a photo of Ryan Dempster and his dog.

I am sort of assuming that this cat does not belong to Matt Wieters. But don’t they rather look alike?


To be continued!


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