Saying Goodbye: Kosuke Fukudome

And so it begins…

The Cubs are close to finalizing a deal that will send Kosuke Fukudome to the Cleveland Indians. We shall reportedly receive a couple of prospects in return. It’s a move that everyone saw coming, but it is still a bit sad, isn’t it?

Let us try and not remember Fu as another overpaid outfielder who never quite lived up to expectation, rather let us remember him as an unflinchingly polite gentleman with a serious demeanor and a stinking adorable Japanese baby. Remember him not for his spinning swing-and-miss ways, but as one of the best defenders of right field that we have seen at Wrigley in a very long time. Remember his incredible plate discipline. Remember Opening Day 2008. We’ll always have Opening Day 2008!

Kosuke,  you’ve got my very best wishes for good things and happy times in Cleveland. Arigato and sayonara.


I regret with all my heart to inform the world that I can no longer use the Muppet video due to copyright issues. We all have to say goodbye to “Saying Goodbye” and instead say goodbye with different songs. This is a sad day, indeed.


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