Wildcard Wednesday: “One cat just leads to another.”

As always seems to happen (at least more than one would think), a kitty made it’s way onto the field during a game between the Mets and Marlins last night (many thanks to Twitter’s ever-vigilant @KittyOnTheField for the heads up.) Check out the lady on the left. Ailurophobia, anyone?

Today’s birthdays:

1533: Queen Elizabeth I   1860: Grandma Moses

1936: Buddy Holly

1942: Garrison Keillor

1949: Gloria Gaynor

And other historical events (nobody get on a boat today):

1860: Excursion steamer “Lady Elgin” drowned 340 in Lake Michigan.

1923: Boston Red Sox pitcher Howard Ehmke no-hit the Philadelphia A’s, 4-0.

1934: Luxury liner “Morro Castle” burned off New Jersey, killing 134.

1936: Boulder Dam (now Hoover Dam) began operation.

1940: The German Air Force blitzed London for the first of 57 consecutive nights.

1952: Outfielder Don Grate threw a baseball a record 434 feet, 1 inch.

1952: Whitey Ford became the 5th pitcher to hurl consecutive 1 hitters.

1963: First US TV appearance of the Beatles on ABC.

1981: Judge Wapner & the People’s Court premiered on TV.

1988: Guy Lafleur, Tony Esposito & Brad Park were inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame.

And here is another kitty on the field for you. Just for fun.




6 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday: “One cat just leads to another.”

      • I felt the need to chime in because Queen Elizabeth and Buddy Holly are typically the two names that stick out for 9/7.birthdays and naturally, I am more important than them. Also, it seems like nothing of great historical significance usually happens on my birthday. I have noticed that it is the day before or the day after. But thanks to your post I am now aware of the German Blitz and the Beatles! Thank you : )

        And Nom cat is awesome

      • An interesting (if you’re me) postscript:

        The “Lady Elgin” disaster occurred on a Sunday. If it had been any other day of the week, I wouldn’t have been here to take note of it… my mother informed me, after she read this post, that my great-great grandfather was supposed to be on the Lady Elgin that very day. I guess the company he worked for was involved in the excursion. He decided not to go, because it was the Sabbath. And I had no idea of this until she told me.

        Crrrazy, huh?

  1. Yikes! Obviously that teaches us that we should avoid all things that involve deep water (I hate anything above my head) and to take the Sabbath seriously! Thanks for that tidbit of personal history!

    And to lighten the mood, why not add a few more !!!!!!! for good measure?

    P.S. Tell your Mom I am interested in anymore historical info she may have, I love that kind of stuff.

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