Happy Birthday, Bill Murray!

Today’s birthdays:

1866- H.G. Wells
1947- Stephen King
1950- Bill Murray

Happy Birthday, Bill.

Today’s other stuff:

1893- Frank Duryea drove the firstst US made gas propelled vehicle.
1897- NY Sun ran the famous “Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus,” editorial.

                                                    (In September? How curious.)
1906- Yankee 1st baseman Hal Chase recorded 22 putouts.
1934- St Louis Card Paul Dean no-hit the Brooklyn Dodgers.
1934- A typhoon struck Honshu Island, Japan, killing 4,000.
1937- “The Hobbit”, by J.R.R. Tolkien, is published.
1956- The Yankees set a dubious record, stranding 20 men on base. Mickey Mantle hit a 500′ plus homer, but the Red Sox still won 13-9.
1970- The Oakland A’s Vida Blue no-hit the Minnesota Twins.
1971- The American League okayed the Washington Senators move to Arlington.
1981- Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female Supreme Court Justice.
1981- Steve Carlton struck out his NL record 3,118th batter.


And here’s a little video for you. You’re welcome in advance.


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