“Have I ever been wrong? I mean- when it’s important?”

MLB’s divisional series are complete. If you kept up with my predictions, then perhaps you already noticed this, but I accomplished something quite remarkable. I managed to get every last series winner incorrectly. There was not a whole lot of thought put into my guesses, but even so… I can’t help being amazed by my own inaccuracies. I am really quite impressed with myself, if you want to know the truth. If there were an award handed out for failure, I think I’d deserve to be a nominee. This whole thing is even weirder when you consider that last season, every last one of my DS speculations was dead on. I mean, what are the chances?

 “the Yankees will take the series””The Phillies will win it. They will probably sweep it… ”

“If I know anything about NL Central contenders (and I think I do), Milwaukee doesn’t stand a chance.”

“We will soon find out whether or not Tampa used up all their fairy dust in September. I think they’ll have just enough left to take this series from the 2010 AL pennant winners.”

I said all that. Feel free to point and laugh. Hey, though, I was right about one thing:

“If the Brewers did somehow pull it out, I’d throw a hissy fit.”

Could anyone have dreamed up a pukier series than Cardinals-Brewers? Just thinking about it makes me want to gag. There can be no winners in such a series, only profoundly annoying losers who win. I join the rest of Cubs nation in plugging my ears, shutting my eyes, and shouting “LALALA, I can’t HEAR you” during this one.

Rangers-Tigers is more intriguing. Whomever comes out on top will obviously have my full support in the World Series. I’m not going to guess at any possible outcomes at this point, though. Can you imagine why?


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