Welcome to Chicago, Theo! (Take Two)

  Hallelujah! The great storm is over…

When news of the agreement between Theo Epstein and the Cubs first became common knowledge, I penned a few jubilant lines on the matter. Then I determined that I wouldn’t post them until the deal was officially done and complete, figuring it would take a day or two. Ten long days later, here we are. It may have been a perplexing and tedious journey (I mean, who did the Red Sox think they were, asking for Matt Garza?) but we made it. Theo is now in the employ of the Chicago Cubs. We can put our party hats on and dance our pants off now.

Not that having Theo and his people guarantees us a golden ticket to the promised land. We all know (I hope and assume) that it does not. No individual can do that. Not an owner, not a player, not a manager, a GM, or a President of Baseball Operations. BUT there is no denying that this is a major event for Cubs Nation, and while there are no guarantees in this game, it sure isn’t one that hurts our chances. With upper management that is committed to excellence, we have reason to be optimistic. We have reason to hope that a new day is dawning, that this organization is changing for the better.

And so, you see, I am very pleased. Not disillusioned, I hope, but rather tickled pink. After a season like the Cubs had in 2011, all one really wants is a reason to hope again. I believe we’ve got one.


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