Hot Toast! Odds & Ends

Pardon my absence here over the last week or so… is “the World Series put me in a rotten baseball-mood” an acceptable excuse? Actually, I keep writing stuff and then deciding that I hate it 10 minutes after I’ve finished. I haven’t produced anything blog-worthy. Blaming St. Louis makes me feel better about it. This post isn’t much to sniff at, either, but here it is just the same.


Cubs managerial search update: The Cubbies say that they’re done interviewing candidates. So I s’pose that means our next manager will be either Pete Mackanin, Dale Sveum, Mike Maddux, or Roberto Alomar Jr.. (Punctuation question: are you supposed to put an extra period after Jr.? Jr..? Jr.? I’m guessing not, but I did it anyway.) I’m backing Mr. Maddux based largely on his post-interview meeting with the press. He made me giggle. I value that in a manager.

What do you guys think?

Not that our opinions really matter. And I’m confident that our sparkly new upper management will select the best candidate for the job. Theo knows best.

Marlins New Duds: The Florida team’s change in uniform has inspired a lot of commentary. I don’t really get it. They might not be a great treat for the eyes, but I personally find them more attractive than the old ones. I never understood how anyone could be talking about team colors and say, “Hey! Let’s go with turquoise!” Seriously… how does that happen?

Happy Ending: I’d like to offer a public “hallelujah!” in response to Nats catcher Wilson Ramos being recovered in one piece. A lot of nasty crime goes down in Venezuela. The outcome ain’t always so good. I am overjoyed that this one, at least, has a happy ending!

Cubs Convention 2012: Guess who is going to be there??? That’s right! Theo 2 and Jed Jr. will be making the trip up to Chicago in January for this annual extravaganza! Look out, Chicago!

Of course, I didn’t think it prudent to let them go on their own, so my brother and I plan on accompanying them. Will any of y’all be there? If so, we’d love to say hi!

MLB Hot Stove: Still on preheat. But hopefully some tantalizing tidbits will start coming along soon. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Hot Toast! Odds & Ends

  1. I’ll be there! I’ll be spending the weekend celebrating my birthday (the con starts the day after).

    Also, the Marlins uniforms aren’t nearly as hideous on the players as they were in the pictures I saw. Maybe the players make difference. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    In closing, let me add my “hallelujah!” to yours. So glad Ramos is home safe.

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