The FBB’s 2011 Holiday Shopping Guide (Part One)

Well, my friends, Thanksgiving has passed and that means that the Christmas season is officially upon us. Carols, nativities and Salvation Army bell-ringers will be out in full force. Warm fuzzy feelings will abound.

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but finding the right gifts for everyone on your list can often be anything but wonderful. The FBB wants to help lighten the load just a bit. This year I am once again compiling a collection of the weirdest and coolest gift ideas for the baseball fans in your life. Because I want you all to be able to relax and enjoy your gingerbread cookies and Bing Crosby albums this holiday season.

You can thank me later.


The Weird:

Red Sox Zombie print

Personally, I think this is taking the zombie craze a little too far. But, hey… if you know a zombiephile who also happens to be a die-hard Red Sox fan, maybe this is just what you’re looking for.

Little Black SQUEEwok with Multi-Colored Sports Patterned Hood

An ewok-like creature in athletic garb. Why didn’t I think of that?

Sister Runnata the baseball player

It’s a baseball nun! Yep.

The Cute:

Baseball player mouse ornament

He might look more like a constable in a karate outfit than a baseball player, but he’s still a cute little guy, eh?

Baseball Bat button

Love it.

The Flat-Out Cool:

NL Central Standings Board

How awesome is that? All the other divisions are available, too.


Stay tuned for more of my holiday shopping guide in the coming weeks!


5 thoughts on “The FBB’s 2011 Holiday Shopping Guide (Part One)

  1. The nun is great! It makes me think of The Rookie… I love the NL Central Standings! That would be perfect for your kitchen! 🙂

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