Wildcard Wednesday: Who’s keeping score?

My grandparents moved recently and in sorting through all their belongings, someone happened to unearth this old scorecard. It’s from a match-up between the Washington Senators and the New York Yankees that my grandfather must have attended as a boy. There isn’t a day or month listed anywhere, but the year (according to the front of the card) was 1942.

This neat little memento has been entrusted into my hands, and I just can’t resist sharing it.

Click to enlarge.

Yankees lineup

Senators lineup

Some of the advertisements are fun, too. Most are for either hotels or cigarettes…


3 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday: Who’s keeping score?

  1. Oh, how fun!!! 🙂 I’m so glad you found this and that it has been put into your possession! I love the Dixie Cups comment. 🙂

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