Saying Goodbye: Aramis Ramirez

I’ve sort of been putting this post off. How do you properly say farewell to a guy like Rami, a guy who was not only one of the longest tenured Cubs over the past several years, but who was also our most productive player over the past decade? How do you say goodbye to the man who, upon his arrival in Chicago, filled a position (third base) that had basically been a black hole for the previous several decades? Most stinging, how how do you wish well a player you loved when he is going to play for a team you loathe?

And, hey, as long as I’m asking such a copious amount of questions, what am I supposed to do with my Aramis jersey? Cross my fingers and hope the Cubs sign or call up another “Ramirez” and he happens to choose #16?

I have yet to come up with any good answers to all these questions. Thus, I am just gonna say the only thing I know to say:

Thank you, Rami.

Thank you for eight years of great play. Thank you for every little bit you contributed to this organization during your time here. Thank you, especially, for that 2-run walk-off homer you launched on the first pitch off of Francisco Cordero to beat Milwaukee on Friday, June 29th, 2007 (it is still one of my all-time favorite Cubs memories.)

Thank you, in short, for everything, Rami. You were spectacular. And we will miss you.


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Aramis Ramirez

  1. Oh, sadness. I’m so out of it. Thank you for your blog. 🙂 I will miss Mr. Clutch, and all the happy things that happened because of him in Cubbieland. I still remember Ronnie’s excited over him. And of course, acquiring him to help us in ’03. And who could forget the happiness of those walk-off homers! 🙂

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