Saying Goodbye: Sean Marshall

The Cubs are bidding adieu to another gem…

There wasn’t much not to like about Sean Marshall. In fact, I can’t think of a single thing. He was an excellent pitcher, as everyone is well aware. He’d been around in the Cubs organization for a good while (six years with the big league club, to be precise) and was thrust into just about every possible role.  Though it could not have been easy, I never once heard him whine about all that moving around. And on top of those things, Mr. Marshall was a super nice guy… probably one of the nicest on the team.

I wish Sean the absolute best in his future career. These past several years one couldn’t help feeling that he deserved to be on a better club. It totally stinks that he landed in Cincinnati, but still… best of luck, Sean. May you excel, may the Reds tank, and may they trade you to an AL contender by July. We’ll miss you, man.


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Sean Marshall

  1. I’m going to miss him. He was a good lefty to have in the pen and by all accounts, an all-around good guy. At least we’ll see him again a few times during the season when the Cubs face the Reds (blech).

    Yeah, I hope he gets traded to an AL contender, too.

  2. Farewell, Mr. Marshall! He was a great, dependable go-to guy! Good for him for no whining. 🙂 I wish him well too, even though I’ll miss him much!

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