Saying Goodbye: Carlos Zambrano

As usual, as soon as I get around to posting about one bit of Chicago Cubs news, something else comes up that totally supplants it. But I’m gonna go ahead and act like this is still fresh off the presses, if that’s alright with the world at large.

My feelings on the trading of Carlos Zambrano to the Florida Marlins are not all that strong. There were many weeks to brace for it, after all. One thing I can say (and I say it with a stout heart) is that I am of the party that are willing to overlook his past indiscretions and wish Big Z the absolute best in his future career. It has made me rather sad to hear so many hate-laced speeches directed at a guy who was a Cub for eleven seasons. He was here through bad times, and good times, and more bad times. He had his share of troubles, it is true, but it couldn’t hurt to show the man a shred of respect (especially since he’s on his way out.)

Even the naysayers have to admit that things will be a lot more boring in the world of Cubdom without Z to spice them up. To me, he has always been a fascinating sort of character; a Jekyl and Hyde of sorts. I’ll miss the Mr. Hyde half of him, as well as the more dynamic aspects of having him around.

To Mr. Zambrano himself I say: good luck in Florida. And, to Florida I say: Good luck with Mr. Zambrano. The combination of he and Ozzie should be about as fun as a barrel of butterflies. Just imagine the possibilities if they could get hold of, say, AJ Pierzynski and Milton Bradley as well!

Because Carlos provided such a vast number of Kodak moments throughout the years, he gets a whole slideshow all to himself. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Carlos Zambrano

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  2. Goodbye, Mr. Carlos Zambrano! I’ll remember all the happy things…especially all the fun pics with Fontenot and all his homers! 🙂

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