Darwin Barney: Movie Star

I don’t know if this is common knowledge or not (a pox on you all for keeping it from me if it is) but Cubs second baseman and FBB-favorite Darwin Barney has a pretty decent fallback if baseball doesn’t work out for him. The fallback I refer to is a career on the silver screen.

Did you know, noble public, that in his minor league days our own little Darwin had a role in a major motion picture?* I really hope that you did not. This is just the sort of dainty little tidbit that I delight in drawing out from the shadows and into the light for all the world to see.

Intrigued parties will be further pleased to learn that this same motion picture (entitled “Calvin Marshall” and revolving around an ambitious but talentless college ballplayer) is available to watch free of charge on Hulu. If “Rudy” and “Summer Catch” got together and had a movie-baby, it would probably be something like “Calvin Marshall”. Darwin’s role isn’t that important, but he does get plenty of face time.

For those who aren’t interested in sitting through a whole movie just to see Darwin Barney, never fear… I took plenty of screenshots for you.

*Of course, when I say major motion picture, I mean in a “Weekend At Party Pier”** kind of way.

**If you know what “Weekend At Party Pier” is, God bless you.


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