Wildcard Wednesday: Here we go again

Hey, friends. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good ol’ Wildcard Wednesday post, but now that the regular season is underway I’m bringing it back! Three cheers.

To start off, some videos and linkage…

The Minnesota Lottery has put out some interesting ads lately. Ads featuring former Twins stars like Burt Blyleven and Kent Hrbek. Along with a host singing animal puppets. I’m not joking (if there’s one thing I never jest about, it’s crooning puppet critters.) I think they’re going for an Emmet Otter vibe. That’s what I got, anyway. It made me have to go on YouTube and search for this.

Then there is this promo from New Era, featuring Craig Robinson of The Office and Nick Offerman from Parks & Recreation. Tis destined to be a classic. Cubs fans can now claim that Ron friggin’  Swanson is on our side. We win.

This interview with author/pitcher/FBB fav Dirk Hayhurst from Autograph University is worth reading. On a side note, Dirk recently released his second book, Out Of My League. I’ve finally gotten my hands on a copy, and you can expect a review (likely a glowing one) soon.

Because you know I love it, let’s close out the return of Wildcard Wednesday with a little This-day-in-history!

Baseball Birthdays: Mark Teixeira, Jason Varitek and Andres Blanco are all April 11 babies. Happy Birthday, guys.

On this day in…

1689, William III and Mary II were crowned joint rulers of Britain.
1814, Napoleon abdicated France and was exiled to Elba.
1881, The river ferry “Princess Victoria” sunk in Thames River Ontario, killing 180.
1890, Ellis Island was designated an immigration station.
1900, The US Navy debuted its first submarine.
1906, Albert Einstein introduced his Theory of Relativity.
1907, New York Giant Roger Bresnahan became the first ever catcher to wear shin guards.
1945, The allies liberated the first Nazi concentration camp in Buchenwald, Germany.
1962, The New York Mets debuted and lost.
1963, Warren Spahn beat the Mets for his 328th win, a record for a left-hander.
1965, 40 tornadoes hit the US midwest, killing almost 300 and injuring 5,000.
1970, Apollo 13 launched.
1970, The Beatles’ “Let It Be” hit #1 on the charts.
1979, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was overthrown.
1986, Halley’s Comet made its closest approach to the Earth (63 million km.)


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