Wildcard Wednesday: Wahoo!

It’s Wednesday again already. How did that happen?

I know things have been quiet here lately. Blame it on a combination of writer’s block and Cubs stinkiness.

Let’s hope both issues are soon gone with the wind (it doesn’t look too good for the latter at this point, though.)

It’s Wednesday, so here is the usual MLB and historical hodge-podge for your perusal.


Jamie Moyer: How ’bout this guy? Yesterday he became the oldest pitcher to record a win in the Major Leagues at 49. Before you know it, Disney’s gonna come calling.

In all seriousness, congratulations to Mr. Moyer. In no seriousness at all, I can’t resist imbedding a link to this old Onion article.

My-oh-Miami: Myself and other Cubs fans got to see the Marlins fancy-schmancy new home run sculpture doo-dad in action last night. Is “monstrosity” a strong enough word to describe it, do you think? I’m not so sure that it is.

And those bright green walls… ick. It’s like the whole park is decked out with green screens. Unless someone is planning on overlaying images of robots and such during broadcasts, I can’t understand it.

Worst Slide Ever?: Boston catcher Kelly Shoppach has earned a distinction that he probably wasn’t looking for… worst slide in baseball history. In all fairness, you can hardly even call this a slide. It starts out that way, but ends up as more of a stumbling belly flop/faceplant.

I couldn’t look at that without remembering the best slide ever. Here’s the video, in case you’d forgotten. I love this. So much.

Today’s Happy Baseball Birthdays: Miguel Cabrera, Marcos Mateo, and Wahoo Sam Crawford. History!:

In April 18ths of the past…

-Hayley Mills (1946), Rick Moranis (1953), and Conan O’Brien (1963) were born.

-David Livingstone (1874), Charles Ebbets (1925), and Albert Einstein (1955) passed away.

-Paul Revere made his midnight ride (1775)

-Battle of Harper’s Ferry, WV took place (1861)

-John McGraw made his managerial debut at the age of 36 (1899)

-Denmark became the first country to adopt fingerprinting to identify criminals (1902)

-San Francisco earthquake destroyed 75% of the city and left nearly 4,000 dead (1906)

-Mickey Mantle made his major league debut, going 1-for-4 (1951)

-Sandy Koufax became the first pitcher to strike out the side on 9 pitches (1964)

-Mike Schmidt hit his 500th home run (1987)




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