Saying Goodbye: Marlon Byrd

The first farewell of this 2012 season has come early, as Marlon Byrd was dealt to Boston for relief pitcher Michael Bowden and a player to be named later on Saturday.

I’m not sure what the initial reaction to this deal was like among Cubs fans, as I was off the map, so to speak, over the weekend. If I had to make an educated guess, though, I’d say there was plenty of snarkasm involved. The fact that we all knew a deal involving Marlon was imminent combined with his having had a very poor start to 2012 lead me to conclude that few fans will have been sad to see him go.

To these, I simply say “pooh-pooh”.

I, myself, am not in tears or any such thing. But you know me. I must insist on showering all departing Cubs with love, respect, and well-wishes. Marlon Byrd is no exception. Why should he be? He was a wholely likable fellow. He entertained us with several years of above-average play. He was an all-star (remember that?) And the web-gems! Oh, the web gems…

For the services he rendered us, and for his winning personality, I feel obliged to say thanks to Mr. Byrd, to wish him all the best with the Red Sox, and to serenade him with the traditional Muppety song.

So long, Marlon.


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Marlon Byrd

  1. I was surprised, but most of my usually snarky timeline on Twitter was pretty respectful, acknowledging Marlon’s good work and class and wishing him well in Boston.

    He’s a good guy. I’m going to miss that smile in center.

  2. We will miss Marlon, but I must admit it’s been fun to watch Campana on the basepaths since then. Happy wishes to Mr. Byrd though! He was certainly a friendly fellow.

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