Seeing Double: Reloaded

I am so excited to be bringing you another edition of Seeing Double… it is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world, even if inspirations are sadly too few to permit anything but infrequent installments.

Today’s look-a-likes are the result of my having watched nothing but British programming and “24” on Netflix for a span of several months. If you know who more than half of these actors are, congratulations… you’re as crazy as I am.

This isn’t the strongest batch I’ve produced, but it’s still good fun, eh?


Jeff Niemann/Jeff Daniels:

I actually plagiarized this one from somebody, but I don’t remember who. Sincerest apologies to the mystery individual.

Rich Harden/Chad Lowe:

Eye twins!

Tony Campana/Michael Angarano:

Not only do these guys resemble each other a great deal, they also both look a lot like Fievel Mouskewitz

Brandon (Cotton) Dickson/Laurence Fox:

I was delighted to discover that my only favorite Cardinal ever has an English doppleganger.

Mike Fontenot/Bradley James:

This might be a poor photographic specimen, but how often does one find pictures of random British actors donning t-shirts of American baseball clubs? Not bloomin’ often, my friends.


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