Wildcard Wednesday: 5/02/2012

It’s Wednesday again. Time for our weekly history lesson…

Baseball Birthdays: Neftali Feliz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Keith Moreland (Happy Birthday, guys!)
May 2 Births: Catherine the Great (1729) Dr. Spock (1903) Bing Crosby (1902)
Deaths: Joseph McCarthy (1957), J. Edgar Hoover (1972)
And other stuff:
-King Henry VIII (creep) accuses Anne Bolyne of adultery and incest (1536)
-Ross Barnes hits the first home run in the history of the National League (1876)
-The US stops minting the 20-cent coin.
-The first publication of “Good Housekeeping” is released (1885)
-Hannibal W. Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film (1887)
-The territory of Oklahoma is born (1890)
-Georges Méliès’ “A Trip To The Moon”, the world’s first ever science fiction movie, is released (1902) You can watch the whole thing (all 11 minutes of it) on YouTube. How cool is that?
-Honus Wagner steals second base, third, and home in the first inning of a game against the Cubs (1909)
-Cincinnati’s Fred Tooney and Chicago’s Hippo Vaughn pitch a dual no-hitter through regulation. Vaughn given up 2 hits and a run in the 10th, and Cincy wins 1-0. (1917)
-First US air passenger service starts (1919)
-The first game of the National Negro Baseball League is played in Indianapolis (1920)
-Walter Johnson pitches the 100th shutout of his career (1923)
-Pearl Buck wins the Pulitzer Prize for “The Good Earth” (1932)
-Thornton Wilder wins the Pulitzer for “Our Town” (1938)
-Lou Gehrig’s 2,130 consecutive game streak comes to and end (1939)
-Stan Musial hits 5 home runs in a double header (1954)
-The US performs atmospheric nuclear tests at Christmas Island (1962)
-The Indians’ Andre Thornton ties a record with 6 walks in a 16 inning game (1984)

I cannot resist posting this here for your viewing pleasure.


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