A Rebelious link post

Hey gang! Happy June and all that.

Another exciting year of New Market Rebels baseball has commenced and everyone in our little community is naturally all aflutter. I know it isn’t quite possible for all of my readers (far and wide as you happen to be) to share in this particular passion of mine. So instead of bombarding you with VBL-love, as is my usual way at this time of year, I am instead going to simply offer a handful of links to some previous effusions. You may take them or leave them. Think of this as a Choose Your Own Adventure post (it isn’t really like that at all. But the comparison occurred to me and I couldn’t not mention it, as I used to love Choose Your Own Adventure books. Not as much as Valley League Baseball, but still a whole lot. Mystery of Chimney Rock 4 life!!!)

So, yes. Links:

If you only click one, make it this ‘un. It’s fresh off the presses! I was delighted to be able to moonlight over at the blog of a friend of mine last week (thanks for the opportunity, Staci!). It’s like a travel brochure/Valentine mash-up singing the praises of our fabulous little league.

2011 Farewell Post

2010 Farewell Post

2011 Introductory Post

2004 Article from the Washington Post (I did not write this one, as I do not work for the Washington Post).

Video Coverage!


And, just for kicks, here’s a video depicting a bit of improvised pre-game fun.




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