Puppy Love

Are you all geared up for the MLB All Star Game next week? No? That’s great, because I’m not, either. I’ll watch it, no doubt, to cheer on Starlin Castro and Bryan LaHair (should either make an appearance). I may need a supply of rubber bands to shoot at the television whenever certain broadcasters become particularly insufferable… in fact, I would recommend this measure to everyone. Until the All Star events actually commence, however, let us not trouble ourselves to think about them.

I’d rather think of other things for the time being. Like puppies.

Yes, puppies. And kittens.

Last year I had a post which consisted of little more than photos of MLB players with an assortment of furry critters. Since that well has yet to run dry, I figured it was a fine time to add another. And here it is.

Most of these are from pet calendars that were produced for charity. All are at least a little bit adorable.


Houston Astros outfielder Jason Michaels poses with a feline friend.

O’s manager Buck Showalter and his quartet of Basset Hounds.

Cards and Clydesdales. It looks as if they’re trying to act like those horses don’t intimidate them, but I’m not buying it.

Trevor Hoffman. Baseball’s all-time saves leader is a lot less intimidating with that handsome pup in his arms.

Doggies in the dugout! I do not know the identities of these three Mets players, but who cares? The puppies are way more interesting. Look how cute the one on the far right is!

Holding a puppy becomes you, Brian McCann. Wearing an adjustable cap backwards? No so much.

Rich Hill! Remember Rich Hill, guys? I do. And this might be my favorite picture in the history of time. Although this next one is also in the running…

Look at that cat! Magnificent.


One thought on “Puppy Love

  1. The Cardinals players are definitely like, “Nice horsey. Good horsey. Don’t bite me horsey.”

    So much cute in this post! It overwhelms me. I’m going to have to lie down now.

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