2012 Home Run Derby: A Pictorial Review

Last evening’s home run derby was (as home run derbies tend be) rather dull and very long, with just enough amusing bits to keep me from turning it off altogether. In years past, my favorite part of the event (bar none) has been gleaning pictures from the event off of the internet. You know, those pictures that have various big leaguers watching the derby with their children. I love those pictures. They induce innumerable “awwww” sounds from me every time, and then I can patch together a blog post out of them to boot.
For whatever reason, there have not been the usual wealth of these sorts of photos this year. I’m afraid there are a but a disappointing few.  You will find them below, along with a smattering of other photos from the derby.Matt Cain and his little girl, who is the spitting image of him. Bless her heart.

Cubs All Star Bryan LaHair, taking it all in.

It might be a random time to point this out, but our All Star short stop is really, really not photogenic.

Justin Verlander seems to think he could have a shot at the derby prize. Keep dreaming big, Justin… keep dreaming big.

Rays pitcher David Price took in the event with his nephew. Sweet.

If I were a normal blogger, I would probably be eking out an entire post on the Robinson Cano incident. The poor soul embarrassingly hit zero home runs and was booed mercilessly by the Kansas City crowd. The varied reactions to this made for the most interesting part of the whole night. I don’t exactly feel sorry for Mr. Cano. He’s a pro, besides being a Yankee, and was last year’s derby champion. He has been booed before, and he will be booed again. That said, I will never condone booing anybody, not ever. I know that the Royals faithful were put out with Robinson for not choosing hometown-favorite Billy Butler as a derby participant. I know furthermore that hating on the Yankees is a treasured past time of 98% of non-Yankee baseball fans. Nevertheless, I thought it a rather classless move on the part of the crowd. Booing doesn’t become anybody.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh about the whole thing. The photo above would suggest that Robinson Cano himself wasn’t too bothered. Whatever your opinion, I think that the best thing to do in situations like these is not to take them too seriously. Have a smile, shake your head, and move on.

This little cutie belongs to San Francisco panda-man Pablo Sandoval.

Prince Fielder won another Home Run Derby. His kids still have wild hair. *Yawn*


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