Saying Goodbye: 2012 New Market Rebels

Another year of New Market Rebels baseball is in the books.

The wide world of baseball these days is so full of Sabermetrics, forecasting, free agency, trades, failed expectations, media craziness, etc., etc., There is so much to distract us from the humanity of the game. People talk about players like they are chess pieces, or cattle. The only thing that matters are results, which I think is really sad. But I am proud to say that this attitude is not the rule in New Market, Virginia. And it is this fact, above all things, that makes baseball here so special to me. We are passionate fans, and want to win, but we will stand behind our team and players no matter what.

Getting knocked out of the playoffs in the first round (and in heart-breaking fashion) by the Waynesboro Generals might not seem like a satisfactory ending, but when you start out 0-8, you have to feel pretty happy to have made it into the postseason at all.
If I know one thing, it’s that this season was memorable, full of enjoyments, and shaped up a lot better than anyone would have thought after the first week. Every baseball season in our little town contains an array of highlights, lowlights, and craziness. 2012 was no exception.
I could go on for a few thousand more words about how great Rebels baseball is, but instead I will just leave y’all with a few photos from this season. Because they’re worth more, and require less effort. Check out the Rebels Facebook page for more.

Legend of the Valley Mo Weber has a word with second year shortstop Matt Ford.

Our bullpen offers the umpires some help in calling a foul ball.

Bug Cox pitches a gem against the Harrisonburg Turks.

Alex Boshers shows off a little athleticism.

Gorgeousful Rebel Park.

Outfielder Mac Hudgins amused everyone with his resemblance to Gene Wilder and his running style (which you can see in this photo… my theory is that he has invisible yoyos.)

A mid-season storm did more than a little damage to our bleachers.

Utter cuteness from the 11th annual Reading with the Rebels program.

Another shot from Reading With The Rebels… Bug and Bo took their duties at the craft table very seriously.

Infielders Matt Dickason and Kevin DeFillipis enjoy the company of one of the team’s unofficial mascots.


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