The 2012 London Olympic Games in Photos

Pictures are one of my favorite ways to look back and remember memorable events (which you may have noticed if you’ve spent much time at this blog). So what better way to sum up the 2012 summer games than in photos?

The majority of the following images depict smiles. Because I love happy faces the most.

17-year-young swimmer Missy Franklin had loads to smile about during her premier Olympic appearance, by anyone’s standards. In fact, most all of our U.S. lady swimmers did us proud.

The U.S. guy swimmers, led for the last time by the one and only Michael Phelps, weren’t too shabby, either.

I love it when people win who aren’t really expecting it. It happened to Nathan Adrian in one swimming event, and his grinny reaction was one of my favorites of the whole games.

American David Buodia won a gold medal in diving, which was an upset of epic proportions. Anyone who has watched diving in any recent Olympics knows that the Chinese have gold on lockdown in pretty much every separate event. They’re like machines. So I was floored to see a diver of another nationality take the top prize. That it was an American just makes it even sweeter. Congrats, David!

Smile of the games, right there. Gabby just glowed, and it was a joy to watch her.

This picture begs the thought, what if the moon were inhabited? Would its citizens participate in the Olympics? As I was wondering, my mind led me here.

Note the perfectly placed NBC logo in the upper right-hand corner. *Giggles*

Oh, Oscar Pistorius. I don’t usually give a hoot about track events, but this guy got me on board for once. Seriously. How cool is he? And this photo isn’t actually from the Olympics, but how stinking ADORABLE is it?!?

Manteo Mitchell broke his leg in the middle of a relay race. AND FINISHED HIS PART. The U.S. advanced in the event, finishing second. Are you KIDDING me? Stories like this are why the Olympics are always so insanely awesome.  Mr. Mitchell said afterward that, “I heard it and I felt it. But I figured it’s what almost any person would’ve done in that situation.” Personally, I probably would have given up on something as comparatively insignificant as a turned ankle. With a broken leg, I’d have been on the ground screaming loud enough to be heard from Cornwall to Aberdeen. So, major, major props to Manteo.

You don’t have to do a lot to make me root for you. I was on the Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce bandwagon the second I saw she wore ribbons in her hair. So cute. And such a lovely smile, besides.


So, how ’bout it, readers? What were your favorite events/moments/athletes from this year’s Olympics?


One thought on “The 2012 London Olympic Games in Photos

  1. I was able to squeeze in some Olympic events when Maddie and I visited her parents. My favorite storyline was Misty May and Kerri Walsh as an “underdog.” I really admired their excellence and still cannot get over the fact that they won 3 straight Gold medals. Rather impressive and brought me some joy during these Olympics.

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