Darwin Barney: Defender of the Universe

We can all agree that 2012 hasn’t exactly been the most memorable season for Cubs Nation. But, as I am fond of often expounding, even the stinky years have their highlights.

Actually, calling Darwin Barney a “highlight” for the 2012 Cubs somehow doesn’t seem quite good enough. Seeing as how he has a whole highlight reel of sparkling defensive plays to his credit. And seeing as how, you know, he just set a National League single-season record for consecutive errorless innings by a second baseman.

On behalf of Cubs fans everywhere, I’d like to offer a big fat congratulations to Darwin on his achievement. I’m going to go ahead and go on record right now and say that if he doesn’t win the Gold Glove this year, I will be quite cross.

Yay, Darwin!!!!!!


One thought on “Darwin Barney: Defender of the Universe

  1. 🙂 I’m so happy for Barney! He’s always been a favorite, and when his record just kept getting longer and longer, and he started getting to closer to the record…It’s just rather exciting! Good for him! 🙂 I know we’ve said this before, but maybe he’ll get some of the credit he deserves. And I second your motion about the Gold Glove!

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