Holiday Shopping Guide 2012

Everyone has their own special Christmas traditions. Mine include baking/eating an obscene amount of cookies, having nothing but Muppet Christmas Carol songs stuck in my head for a month, and rolling my eyes every time my mother casually suggests getting an artificial tree.

And then there is this, the FBB shopping guide. It’s been a few years, I think it can qualify as a tradition. It tends to toe the line between awesome and demented, not unlike anything else you see here at this blog. But it also gives me an excuse to spend an unholy amount of time browsing on Etsy. So, basically… I like my holiday shopping guides. I hope you do, too.

I present you now with installment numero uno for this 2012 Christmas season.


The ???

Country Baseball Snowman Ornament: I can’t decide whether I like this or not. On the bright side, I suppose if you were to buy it and then decided it didn’t suit, you could always break the nose off and have a catch. Neat

“The Catch” Infographic Poster: I’m a total geek when it comes to baseball infographics, so it will come as no surprise that this made me ohh and ahh.

Cubs Wall Art Logo: Another something that I would totally hang on my wall.

Chicago CUBS wall art logo 12" diameter - white and red with rust patina - indoor outdoor

The Frightening

“Archie“: Don’t worry. I know he looks a little scary, but I’m sure “Archie” is perfectly harmless. He doesn’t come alive at night when you’re sleeping and bite off your fingers or anything like that. No worries.

Hand Painted Baseball Funny Face - Archie

The Wearable

Cubs Tees: Who doesn’t love an original Cubs tee? Here are two winners.

Vintage Chicago Cubs T-Shirt Heather Gray

Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs T-Shirt

1967 Wool State Champions Jacket: It’s vintage, yo.

1967 wool state baseball champions jacket size L

The Ire Inspiring

Boys/Girls Baseball Sign: This is the sort of thing that just irks me. Further commentary might lead to some kind of unpleasant baseball-feminist She-Hulk incident, so I shall refrain for the good of us all.

Sports Sign / Boys Love Baseball Girls Love Baseball Players - Hand Painted Handcrafted Signs


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