Saying Goodbye: Tony Campana

If The FBB has seemed even more than usually neglected as of late, you may chalk it up to the fact that it’s authoress has recently acquired a full-time job (I don’t know why I’m writing in the third person… hi there. It’s me, Lizzy.)

I haven’t abandoned ship, but it is probable that my blogging habits will continue to suffer in the coming months. Just a heads up.

THIS is one post that wild horses couldn’t keep me from writing. And even if they could, I don’t know why they would want to. I mean, what grudge could wild horses possibly have with Tony Campana? Unless he beat one of their own in a footrace. Which is possible.

Like many Cubs fans (and unlike many others, I don’t doubt), I was sad to hear of the departure of our resident speed demon. He may not have been the best at getting on base, but when he did… golly! There was nobody this side of the moon more fun to watch.

I wish Tony the greatest in Arizona and beyond. I shall remember him fondly. And I have no intentions of removing this photograph from my wall any time soon:

Tony & Me!



2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Tony Campana

  1. I was sad to here off Campana’s departure from Chicago. 😦 I will miss his funness…yes, funness. He always played hard, and who couldn’t enjoy watching him fly around the bases?! Happy days in Arizona, Mr. Campana!

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