Merry Christmas!

 Baby sloth hopes you all have the best Christmas ever, and so do I.

baby sloth christmas“Hail, the heaven-born Prince of peace!
Hail the Sun of righteousness!
Light and life to all he brings,
Risen with healing in his wings.
Mild he lays his glory by,
Born that man no more may die,
Born to raise the sons of earth,
Born to give them second birth.
Hark! the herald angels sing,
Glory to the newborn King.


Seeing Double: Chapter Nine

I know I’ve been slacking around here lately. The inspiration well has been on the dry side. But, hey… if a good ol’ fashioned Seeing Double post won’t help to make things up, I don’t know what will.
To the doppelgangers!


Homer Bailey/Christian Bale

In the interest of honesty, I have to tell you that I didn’t come up with this one myself… I saw it mentioned on ESPN. But who could resist circulating such an uncanny resemblance?
Of course, Mr. Bailey may LOOK like Mr. Bale, but he has a long way to go to catch up in the awesomeness department. I mean, only one of these guys was cool enough to have played Batman a singing, dancing newsboy.

Chris Denorfia/Brooks Laich

Every time I see Chris Denorfia on television, he reminds me a bit of my favorite hockey player. The resemblance in any of the picture I could find was not so strong. Oh well.

Ryan Braun/Blake Ritson

I was watching some Jane Austen adaptation or other with this Ritson fellow in it, and I couldn’t figure out why I was so repulsed by him. Eventually I realized it was because he reminded me of Ryan Braun.

Jed Hoyer/Chris Kattan

I’ve tried. But I can’t shake it.

Jim Hendry/Kevin Whately

One more from the executive division.

Rich Hill/Russell Tovey

Aaand one more from the Lizzy-watches-too-much-British-television department.


The 2012 London Olympic Games in Photos

Pictures are one of my favorite ways to look back and remember memorable events (which you may have noticed if you’ve spent much time at this blog). So what better way to sum up the 2012 summer games than in photos?

The majority of the following images depict smiles. Because I love happy faces the most.

17-year-young swimmer Missy Franklin had loads to smile about during her premier Olympic appearance, by anyone’s standards. In fact, most all of our U.S. lady swimmers did us proud.

The U.S. guy swimmers, led for the last time by the one and only Michael Phelps, weren’t too shabby, either.

I love it when people win who aren’t really expecting it. It happened to Nathan Adrian in one swimming event, and his grinny reaction was one of my favorites of the whole games.

American David Buodia won a gold medal in diving, which was an upset of epic proportions. Anyone who has watched diving in any recent Olympics knows that the Chinese have gold on lockdown in pretty much every separate event. They’re like machines. So I was floored to see a diver of another nationality take the top prize. That it was an American just makes it even sweeter. Congrats, David!

Smile of the games, right there. Gabby just glowed, and it was a joy to watch her.

This picture begs the thought, what if the moon were inhabited? Would its citizens participate in the Olympics? As I was wondering, my mind led me here.

Note the perfectly placed NBC logo in the upper right-hand corner. *Giggles*

Oh, Oscar Pistorius. I don’t usually give a hoot about track events, but this guy got me on board for once. Seriously. How cool is he? And this photo isn’t actually from the Olympics, but how stinking ADORABLE is it?!?

Manteo Mitchell broke his leg in the middle of a relay race. AND FINISHED HIS PART. The U.S. advanced in the event, finishing second. Are you KIDDING me? Stories like this are why the Olympics are always so insanely awesome.  Mr. Mitchell said afterward that, “I heard it and I felt it. But I figured it’s what almost any person would’ve done in that situation.” Personally, I probably would have given up on something as comparatively insignificant as a turned ankle. With a broken leg, I’d have been on the ground screaming loud enough to be heard from Cornwall to Aberdeen. So, major, major props to Manteo.

You don’t have to do a lot to make me root for you. I was on the Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce bandwagon the second I saw she wore ribbons in her hair. So cute. And such a lovely smile, besides.


So, how ’bout it, readers? What were your favorite events/moments/athletes from this year’s Olympics?

Saying Goodbye: 2012 New Market Rebels

Another year of New Market Rebels baseball is in the books.

The wide world of baseball these days is so full of Sabermetrics, forecasting, free agency, trades, failed expectations, media craziness, etc., etc., There is so much to distract us from the humanity of the game. People talk about players like they are chess pieces, or cattle. The only thing that matters are results, which I think is really sad. But I am proud to say that this attitude is not the rule in New Market, Virginia. And it is this fact, above all things, that makes baseball here so special to me. We are passionate fans, and want to win, but we will stand behind our team and players no matter what.

Getting knocked out of the playoffs in the first round (and in heart-breaking fashion) by the Waynesboro Generals might not seem like a satisfactory ending, but when you start out 0-8, you have to feel pretty happy to have made it into the postseason at all.
If I know one thing, it’s that this season was memorable, full of enjoyments, and shaped up a lot better than anyone would have thought after the first week. Every baseball season in our little town contains an array of highlights, lowlights, and craziness. 2012 was no exception.
I could go on for a few thousand more words about how great Rebels baseball is, but instead I will just leave y’all with a few photos from this season. Because they’re worth more, and require less effort. Check out the Rebels Facebook page for more.

Legend of the Valley Mo Weber has a word with second year shortstop Matt Ford. Continue reading

Photo of the [Day? Week? Month? Year???]

Ryan Dempster was traded to the Atlanta Braves yesterday, only he wasn’t really. It was a fun adventure. And a false alarm for the ages.

I’m sitting on a few goodbye posts, but in the meanwhile I thought that as much of the world at large as possible needed to see the following picture, which I may or may not have filched off of Paul Sullivan’s Facebook page (a hint: I did).

Ordinarily the whole costume thing is just a hazing ritual for the rookies, but apparently this year the entire team decided to get in on it, donning the raiment of their favorite super-heroes. Reed Johnson and Jeff Baker cleverly decided to dress as Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein, respectively.

There’s a reason why I love these guys.

Wildcard Wednesday: All Star Edition

How happy for me that it’s Wednesday, and that I’m not forced to present my random thoughts and observations from last evening’s All Star Game in an organized manner!
Giant blowout: NL routs AL 8-0 in All-Star game

The National League won for the third year in a row, and they did it in convincing fashion. No one who did not possess omniscient knowledge would have predicted the American League lads getting trounced 8-0. Before the game started, I told my brother that I thought the AL would win, that they had the better team. He agreed, adding that if the NL did pull it out, it would only be if the contest were a low-scoring affair (2-1, or 3-2).

All this only goes to further prove that sage utterance of Yogi Berra, “In baseball, you don’t know nothing.”


Seeing Double?: I was quite struck by this photograph of Ryan Braun.

The bulging eyes… the chop-licking… the wild expression. It definitely reminds me of something, and I’m still not 100% sure what, but I think it might be this:

Shoes: A number of the All Stars last night were arrayed with the most ostentatious footwear I have ever seen on a baseball diamond. Bryce Harper, for instance, was sporting spikes of gold. I imagine if any of them had clicked their heels together three times, they might have ended up in Kansas.See if I don’t start calling the Nats’ rookie phenom “Goldenboy” from here on.

Oopsy Daisy: Bryce Harper, besides being flashily shod, got everyone’s attention by losing a fly ball in the night sky. It dropped several feet behind him. It might sound unkind, but I was really happy over this miscue. Landing in the MLB All Star Game at the tender young age of 19 isn’t going to do Mr. Harper’s ego any favors. I like to think that the embarrassing play might have tempered the effects just a smidgin.

Boo Birds: Robinson Cano found himself the recipient of more choruses of boos last night. Even though he was playing for the very team that the majority of the crowd was presumably rooting for… I can’t help wondering if they really thought that through. It is also amusing that some of the same folks who derided the KC faithful for their classlessness in booing Mr. Cano applauded their “classy” move of giving Chipper Jones a standing ovation.

Injustice!: Rafael Furcal remained in the game through 7 innings before Starlin Castro, the only other shortstop, was given a chance. But I’m sure it had nothing to do with Tony LaRussa being biased or anything. No, not at all. *Rolls Eyes*

FOX Broadcast: As tedious as ever.

Cubbies: It never seems to matter how boring the All Star festivities are, or how unlistenable the broadcast is, or how bad a year the Cubs are having. I am always happy and excited and proud to see the Cubs representatives at the Midsummer Classic.
Aren’t they darling?

2012 Home Run Derby: A Pictorial Review

Last evening’s home run derby was (as home run derbies tend be) rather dull and very long, with just enough amusing bits to keep me from turning it off altogether. In years past, my favorite part of the event (bar none) has been gleaning pictures from the event off of the internet. You know, those pictures that have various big leaguers watching the derby with their children. I love those pictures. They induce innumerable “awwww” sounds from me every time, and then I can patch together a blog post out of them to boot.
For whatever reason, there have not been the usual wealth of these sorts of photos this year. I’m afraid there are a but a disappointing few.  You will find them below, along with a smattering of other photos from the derby. Continue reading