Welcome To Chicago: Edwin Jackson

The Cubs rung in the new year by making their signing of 29-year-young RHP Edwin Jackson all officially official. The deal is for 4 years and $52 million. Yay.

In all sincerity, welcome to Chicago, Mr. Jackson. I hope the next four years will be full of magic and devoid of kitten-eating for you.

To you, my readers, I’d like to take this opportunity of saying a quick Happy New Year. Here’s to 2013 being our greatest 364-day journey around the sun YET! Cheers.



Week Thirteen in Review

Week thirteen of the Major League Baseball season: In which many casualties occurred, another pitcher did that thing where he doesn’t let the other team hit the ball with the bat, and the Cubbie bears sunk even deeper into their morass of mediocrity.

Around the Majors…

Oh no-no!: Arizona’s Edwin Jackson recorded the fourth hitless game in the majors this season! It mightn’t have been all pretty, but he did it, by gum!

No More Ouchies: It was another bad week for fantasy managers across the nation as fellows like Dustin Pedroia, Placido Polanco, Chase Utley, Joel Zumaya and Luke Scott succumbed to injuries.

3x The Fun: Denard Span’s record THREE triples in a game couldn’t have been more fun than if he’d been rounding the bases on a hoverboard.

Curtains: The Diamondbacks are saying so long and farewell to manager AJ Hinch and GM Josh Byrnes.

Headline Injustice: “Rangers acquire C Molina from Giants” Personally, I would have titled this one, “Giants acquire P Chris Ray from Rangers

“What is this strange, mystical object, and what am I supposed to do with it?”

As for the Cubs…

Yo-ho-ho: Once again, the North-siders failed to solve the lowly Pirates. I remain perplexed by this embarrassment, but am surprised by it no longer.

Superhero of the Week: I present the honor to Theodore Lilly, not just because he pitched finely, but because I’m afraid he won’t be around to receive it for much longer.

Kitten-eater of the week: I may as well start skipping this category… there are too many candidates.

Airing of grievances: I have been irked by this all year, but what the hey is the problem with WGN Radio’s Judd Sirott? It’s not as if I’m a huge fan or anything, I just don’t see what this man has done to deserve all the hatred I’ve seen directed at him. Cubs fans constant whining and complaining  are far more obnoxious than Judd himself, if he is obnoxious. For myself, I have no problems whatever with the man. And you can quote me on that.

Z Center of Attention: I suppose the main topic that has kept Cubs nation atwitter this week was Carlos Zambrano’s angry little outburst and the sequence of events that followed. Initially, I was pretty put out with Carlos. I have always found his periodic tantrums vexing and counter-productive. This one particularly frustrated me, probably due in large part to the circumstances of this disappointing season. I forgive Carlos now… but what has eclipsed his behavior is the organization’s curious reaction to it.

The thing I don’t understand is, why NOW? Carlos has been on this team for ten years, within the organization for even longer. He’s had these “episodes” many times during his professional tenure and management has just looked the other way. Now, all of a sudden, his behavior is unacceptable. If this is the sort of thing that “cannot be tolerated” why have you been tolerating it for a decade? To me this feels like bad parenting or something.

Then there was the announcement that, upon serving his suspension, Carlos will be sent back to the bullpen. Do you see my dander? Cause it’s UP. The first time Carlos was exiled to relief work it was supposed to be to help out the team, to fill a hole that desperately needed filling. This time it feels more like they’re trying to punish him further and I don’t get it. It was sort of dumb and desperate the first time, now it is just flat out idiotic.

Just to be clear, I may be arguing on Big Z’s behalf, but in no way do I intend to excuse his actions. He is a grown man. There are kids that look up to him, and he has children of his own. He should be able to better control his temper.

While I don’t entirely agree with all the actions that have been taken, I do sincerely hope that the disciplinary measures have some benefit. I like Carlos a lot, and I feel for him. If this stuff helps him become a better player and/or a more controlled person, I think it’d be fantastic.

My point in all this rambling, I guess, is just to say that I am on Carlos Zambrano’s side. He isn’t all in the right. He has his problems. But as long as he’s wearing a Chicago Cubs uniform, I’m gonna stand by him.


I wish all my readers a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!