Saying Goodbye: Mike Quade

The flurry of off-season activity in Cub-land continues…

As was generally expected, Mike Quade was relieved of his managerial duties today. I haven’t much emotion to speak of on this occasion. Managing at the major league level obviously wasn’t his calling, but I have always found Mr. Q a very likable person and wish him nothing but the best.

Fare thee well, Q.


Now begins the exhaustive speculation on who will succede him. Ergh.


Seeing Double: Cubs & Muppets edition

I have had this post in the back of my mind ever since Matt Garza came over to Chicago. Matt’s uncanny resemblance to various muppet characters is something I haven’t been shy about pointing out. But what about the rest of the team? It doesn’t seem fair to pick only on Mr. Garza, even if his muppety qualities are so strong. Today, therefore, I will be throwing a few more fellas under the bus… the Electric Mayhem tour bus, that is.

Keep in mind that some of these resemblances are physical, some are based more on personality. I think you can figure it out.


Darwin Barney – Rowlf the Dog

Justin Berg – Floyd Pepper

Kyle Smit (MiLB) – Beaker

Jeff Baker – Muppet Newscaster

(It’s the jawline.)

Carlos Marmol – Lew Zealand

Ryan Dempster – The Great Gonzo

Mike Quade – Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

Tony Campana – Bean Bunny

Carlos Zambrano – Animal/Sweetums

Kerry Wood – Kermit the Frog

2011 Cubs Convention Recap

A good chunk of this post ought to have been put up yesterday. Since that didn’t end up happening, however, I’m just gonna cram it all in today. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

I’m going to plunge right in and try to hit on the highlights. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive recap, look no further than They’ve got days 1, 2, AND 3 covered, with actual play-by-play of many of the seminars. So three cheers for the folks at CCO and their fantastical work!

The boys in blue look on during Opening Ceremonies on Friday. Continue reading

I Say Hello: Mike Quade

The Cubs managerial position is vacant no more! The club came to a 2-year agreement with 2010 interim manager extraordinaire Mike Quade earlier today. He guided the Cubs to a 24-13 record during his brief stint as skipper at the end of this season, and his efforts have been rewarded. Sincere FBB congratulations to Mr. Q… here’s hoping he can do what no Cubs manager since Frank Chance has done.

“We’ll Manage!”: Part One- Mike Quade

Many brave men are vying to fill the Chicago Cubs managerial void. In fact, it’s beginning to feel a bit like a political race. Andre is backing Ryno! Randy Wells supports Mike Quade! Were photos to emerge of fans marching around Wrigley with signs reading “Bob Can Do The Job” or “Ryno is A-OK” or “Say NO to Wedge” I would believe my eyes.

I figured it was about time The FBB started taking a closer look at some of the candidates. It is my intention to sift through the hype and bring you the information that matters! OK… that isn’t entirely true. But it sounded good, didn’t it? I’ll present the candidates to you one at a time in the same way I present everything on this hack blog; with wishy-washy conviction, a well-intentioned heart and my tongue in my cheek.

Contestant #1, Mike Quade

Mike Quade, come on doooown! Is our current skipper qualified to handle the job, or is he just a competent interim manager? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons for Mr. Q.


– He’s a local guy who grew up a Cubs fan. So he must have a rooting interest, right? This point provides a major “aww” factor, in the very least.

– I enjoy writing the letter “Q,” but so rarely get the chance.

– Has yet to make any monumentally stupid decisions in his role of Cubs manager.

– Mr. Q is already familiar with the club, so no getting-to-know-you period would be necessary.

– According to the Cubs Cookbook, Mr. Q is a pretty good chef!


– Though probably a really nice guy, Mr. Q kinda looks like a monster sometimes. Many others have been quick to notice this.

– Despite his many years spent serving time at both the minor and major league levels, one can’t help wondering if he is really the best man for the job.

The Bottom Line:

The Cubs have played well since Mr. Q took over. I’m not convinced that he would be a really good manager. Of course, I’m not convinced he would be a very bad one, either. I’m open to hearing more intelligent opinions.