Movie Monday: “Just because we’re rivals doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna act like gentelmen.”

Here’s another A’s commercial, in honor of the start of interleague play.


Movie Monday: “Gio’s really been working on his curveball.”

Hello, my friends and happy Monday! Things should be back to normal here this week.

To kick the week off, here is another team commercial, this one from the Oakland A’s. It seems that the Athletics are trying to rival the Rockies, Twins, and Mariners in quality TV spots. I don’t know if they’re there quite yet, but they’ve produced a few worth circulating. Enjoy.

Predictorama! 2011: Into The West

Welcome to the third installment of my annual divisional prognostications! Today we finish up with the American and National League West divisions. Why not just plunge right in?


AL West:

2010 Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez will make 30 quality starts and win less than half of them. Larry Bernandez will make 27 quality starts and win less than a third of them.

Jerry Blevins will lose 4 pounds as the result of a stomach flu and on the first breezy day will float away like a dandelion spore.

Howie Kendrick will take up knitting!

Elvis Andrus will learn to tap dance and cement his status as the Shirley Temple of major league baseball.

First Place: Oakland A’s (because I want to go out on a limb somewhere.)

Last Place: Seattle Mariners


NL West:

Carlos Gonzalez will hit 18 more home runs and Troy Tulowitzki 4 more cycles off of Cubs pitching.

I don’t have any predictions for Arizona. I just want to point out that I was wrong about Detroit… the Diamondbacks also have 3 Virginia natives on their roster (Justin Upton, Joe Saunders, and Daniel Hudson.) I, for one, never would have thunk it. 

Now bereft of their All-Star first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, the Padres offense will not hit a home run in Petco Park once the entire 2011 season.

Ted Lilly will hit a home run… at Petco Park. Dun dun dun!

Freddy Sanchez will discover and re-popularize “The Freddie.”

First Place: Colorado Rockies

Last Place: San Diego Padres

NL Wildcard Winner: San Francisco Giants






Cup of hot soup and half a hot-wire sandwich

Let’s look at what’s been happenin’!

-Last week Grant Desme, a top prospect in the Athletics’ farm system, announced that he would leave his baseball career behind to join the priesthood. The story was popping up all over the internet, so apparently I wasn’t the only one who found it intriguing. Although it provided some potent fodder for joke-making (via Twitter: RyanMcGeeESPN God have mercy on the church softball league that ends up with @MLBazFallLeague MVP Grant Desme. #priestswhocanrake) you have to respect the man’s decision. Not many people would abandon a possible life of fame and fortune, for any reason. Not to mention that every little boy’s dream is to grow up to be a major leaguer. Mr. Desme, only 23 years old, could have used the priest thing as a fallback plan in case baseball didn’t work out. Instead, he has chosen to walk away from the game just when he was starting to show the most promise (he cleaned up in the prestigious Arizona Fall League, garnering MVP honors.) What more can you say? Bless you, Mr. Desme. Bless you.

-So, who have the Cubs been looking at lately? I hardly even know. Somewhere between Jeff Gray and Marlon Byrd I lost my off-season belly fire. RHP Kiko Calero? OK… well, the thought of shouting “Let’s go, Kiko!” does appeal to me. Ben Sheets? That’d be swell, but if his asking price is as high as it’s rumored to be, Mr. Sheets could use a good slap in the face. The names of Jermaine Dye, Xavier Nady, Rocco Baldelli, and Jonny Gomes have been circulating. Of those, I would like Mr. Nady, please. Has anyone else ever noticed that he has the funnest name to write in the world? I wish my name were Xavier Nady.

-This was barely a blip on the radar, but outfielder Jody Gerut signed with the Milwaukee Brewers. I was horrified. I am certain that Mr. Gerut is the most underrated “Cub killer” in baseball today. He may not be Carlos Lee, but that guy is always doing something to hurt us.

Yay, Mesa!

Saying Goodbye: Jake Fox and Aaron Miles

Yesterday, the Cubs completed a transaction which sends Jake Fox and Aaron Miles to the Oakland A’s for relief pitcher Jeff Gray and two prospects. Consider this post my wave goodbye/hello hug.

Poor Aaron Miles had a dreadful year in ’09, as any begrudging Cubs fan could tell you. It seems fortunate that Jim Hendry was able to deal him. I felt for Mr. Miles during the year and he’s got my sincerest wishes for better luck as an ‘A.’

Jake Fox, I am actually pretty fond of. Everyone knew he was going to be traded, though, and I hope he’ll get the opportunities he deserves in Oakland. ‘Foxy’ was a likable fellow and he certainly knows how to hit. Since I seem to end up at a couple A’s games per year now, I’ll be seeing him around. 🙂

Fare thee well, Mr. Fox. Fare thee well, Mr. Miles.

Finally, I welcome Jeff Gray into the fold. Everybody knows that it’s bad luck to have three players named “Jeff” on one team. Now that we’ve got four, all our problems should be solved. Three Four cheers for Jeff Gray! May he pitch long and prosper!