“Hey, check it out… puppies!”

Most baseball bloggers, at this point in the year, are talking about the state of their team, or who should be traded and whatnot. I tried that. It wasn’t so much fun. So here are a bunch of random photos I scrounged up featuring baseball players and various furry critters. Cuteness…. this is much more my style.


Timmy Lincecum shares a smooch with his French Bulldog, Cy.

Mr. and Mrs. Chase Utley with some puppies.

Brad Penny visits with some St. Bernards (at least I assume that’s what they are.)

OK. So this is a little bit scary. But you have to give Tony LaRussa props for his charitable efforts.

The Astros, apparently, have done a lot of pet calendars for charity. Which is cool, but I don’t like not knowing if this is really Craig Biggio’s dog, or if it is just some random pooch that they borrowed for a photo shoot.

I’m not sure who this random Astro is, but I love this picture. It makes me think of this.

Click here to see a photo of Ryan Dempster and his dog.

I am sort of assuming that this cat does not belong to Matt Wieters. But don’t they rather look alike?


To be continued!


“Click Click Click Click Click. It’s real easy, man.”

Monday is link day here at The Fair Base Ballist. Here shall you find links to other articles/stuff that I saw I deemed to be worth spreading.

Bullpen Gospels: Prayers are answered in unusual ways

If this lovely little bit (written by delightful Toronto relief pitcher Dirk Hayhurst) doesn’t poke at your heart then you probably don’t have a heart. Seriously. You might want to consult a physician.

Baseball Prospectus Q&A with Sam Fuld

Interesting interview with Cubs outfielder/super-smart Stanford grad Sam Fuld.

Hall of Fame Futures

Joe Posnanski speculates about which current players under age 30 might wind up in the Hall of Fame.

Answer Man: Ryan Dempster talks dogs, newspapers, Canada

Dave Brown’s Answer Man interviews are my favorite favorite. This one is from back in 2008, but still good for some giggles. Questions include, “Did you bawl your eyes out during My Dog Skip?” and “How much of the Rich Harden acquisition was Hendry adding a power arm and how much of it was the Cubs getting another Canadian so you’d have someone from the Motherland on the team?”

Hire Tony LaRussa!

This piece, from the blog Hire Jim Essian, is a bit dated (September.) Oh well. It’s entertaining. (It does contain a few choice four-letter words. You’ve been warned!)